Nikolaos or Anagnostis Tsakiris (1804?-1876): Born in Vasilika Anogia in Kenourgio. He joined the band of Michalis Korakas and fought with him, including in maritime engagements. He fought in many battles including those of Mochos (1827) and Frangokastello (1828). He was a member of the group that killed the notorious Muslim leader Agriolidis. In spite of successive periods in exile, he eventually returned to Crete, dying on the island.

The Orthodox Christian Cretans took part in the Greek Revolution, but the island was not integrated into the Greek state established in 1830. Crete remained a possession of the Ottoman Empire, with repeated uprisings by the Greek inhabitants, until 1898, when it gained its autonomy (Cretan State), before eventually being incorporated into the Kingdom of Greece in 1913.

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