Anagnostis Manousoyiannakis (1787-1881): From Imbros in Sphakia. He was initiated into the Philiki Etairia and in the autumn of 1821 awarded the rank of pentakosiarch (commander of 500 men). In February 1823 he took part in the operation to capture Kissamos. During the third period of the Revolution (1827-1830) he was appointed to the General Army Command. He died in Crete in November 1881.

The Orthodox Christian Cretans took part in the Greek Revolution, but the island was not integrated into the Greek state established in 1830. Crete remained a possession of the Ottoman Empire, with repeated uprisings by the Greek inhabitants, until 1898, when it gained its autonomy (Cretan State), before eventually being incorporated into the Kingdom of Greece in 1913.
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